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Writing a Cover Letter to Stand Out from the Crowd

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Writing a cover letter to catch the attention of any employer can feel like a daunting task when you first approach it. And while that is completely understandable, you should really look at your cover letter as an opportunity to expand upon your personal brand and your accomplishments in the workplace. While many put most of their focus on developing their resume, a well-executed cover letter will truly be what separates you from all the other applicants.

Customize for Every Job

Although it may be easy, you cannot send the same cover letter to every job you’re applying for – it’s not considered candid or sincere. They don’t have to be wildly different, but you should acknowledge early on in your cover letter the exact job you are applying for. If the job opening is more general, you can just reference the company. Show you care and are paying attention. Mentioning the position will also help them read the rest of your cover letter with the required attributes in mind.

Elaborate on Why You’re a Strong Candidate

As mentioned above, your cover letter should be specific to the job you’re applying for. That means you’ll probably only want to talk about a few of your internships, jobs, club leadership roles, etc. Not every activity you’ve ever done applies to every job you’re interested in. Think quality over quantity on this point.

Show Your Personality

The cover letter gives you an opportunity to sell yourself, so do just that. Showcase not only why you are perfect for the job but why you are a good culture fit for the department or company. This is your chance to convince the employer they want to work with you as a person not just for your skillset.

Acknowledge the Reader

Your one-page summary of yourself will be read by someone else who has read a lot of other cover letters that day but is likely your future manager. Take a brief moment in your cover letter to acknowledge that person and your gratitude for their time. They won’t forget it.

If you’ve got your cover letter that you’re ready to send out, send one our way, we’re hiring around the country!

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