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Successful Interviews (Step 8 of 10): Ask for the Job

Our last blog offered tips for responding to questions about salary, and now we’ll focus on asking for the job. The close of the interview provides a chance to sum up your qualifications and show your interest in the job. Remember if you are interested in the position, ask for the job.

You Can Use This Opportunity To

  • Ask the interviewer how well your qualifications fit the company’s needs. “How do my qualifications fit the position you are looking for?” This makes the employer evaluate your background right there. You can then cover anything missed.

  • Address anything that was missed to reinforce your candidacy. “I may not have that particular experience, however I have similar experience. I’m sure I can learn it and become effective quite readily.”

  • Express interest in the position and a desire to proceed to the next step of the hiring process. “I am very interested in this position because (try to mention some particular reasons) and I look forward to working with you in the future. Who else do I need to meet with to help with your decision.”

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